I’ve decided to finish something that I started.  This never happens, so I’m proud of myself.  About eight years ago, I came up with this really cool idea for a serialized story.  I wrote one episode, and stopped for some reason.   Well, I’m going to finish it now.  The first episode deals with a person that’s put in an impossible situation, but feels compelled to see his mission through.


Hello there.  My name is Diallo S. Tyson and I’d like to welcome you to a little section of my brain I like to call The Blackrock Collection.  Every week I’ll be posting a new short story.  My hope is that the quality of writing will progress every week, but you know how that goes.  Anyway, up first is a story based on a premise given to me by my girl.  It’s a tale of a frustrated woman that finds relief in an unlikely place.  Hope you enjoy.